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Welcome to the personal website of Husam Ismail, I have Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota Duluth, MN. I am a solution developer and a “system” person, I like to focus on a given problem, present reasonable number of available solutions, analyze and finalize the best option, and work hard until the solution is fully implemented from A to Z. My areas of interest include multi-processors and parallel architectures, microprocessor/microcontroller applications, memory design,  automatic control systems, intelligent systems, computer networks, optical fiber communication, signal and image processing, VLSI and FPGA.

During my graduate studies, I have successfully developed and implemented an Advanced LED Warning System; this system is designed to warn/alert the drivers at the limited sight intersections by providing dynamic information based upon the presence of traffic. The system is powered entirely by renewable energy through the use of solar panels. Several image processing techniques were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the system, and to create a database of vehicle movement records.

Master of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2013
University of Minnesota Duluth UMD
Minor: Computer Science
GPA 4.0/4.0
Bachelor of Science, Electronics and Computer Engineering, Oct 2006
Aleppo University, Syria

Languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, Assembly, OpenGL, VHDL, PICBASIC Pro
Internet: HTML, PHP, JavaScript
Database: MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access
Tools & Software: Visual Studio, Mentor PADS PCB design, Xilinix ISE Design Suite, Android SDK Tools, Eclipse, NetBeans, MATLAB, MPLAB, LaTex, OrCAD PSpice, MS Office, MS FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver
Operating Systems: Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Android, DOS



· ALERT-2 (Advanced LED Warning System): The project goal is to develop and evaluate a system that warns/alerts the drivers at the intersections by providing dynamic information to drivers based upon the presence of traffic, by deploying sensors and LEDs. The system is powered entirely by renewable energy through the use of photovoltaic panels (solar panels), with all communication between sensors and blinker signs transmitted wirelessly. Supervised by Dr. Taek Kwon, UMD, 2012/2013

· 32-bit MIPS Processor Implementation: Designed and implemented a single-cycle MIPS processor on Nexys2 FPGA board, required hardware and behavior of the microprocessor was implemented in VHDL. Supervised by Dr. Taek Kwon, UMD, 2011

· Pipelined Floating Point Processor: Simulated the implementation of the TI-ASC arithmetic pipeline, used C# language and .Net Visual Studio programming environment. Supervised by Dr. Taek Kwon, UMD, 2012

· Software Simulation of MESI protocol: Implemented MESI cache coherence protocol through a software simulation of shared-memory based multiprocessor system. Supervised by Dr. Taek Kwon, UMD, 2012

· Cisco Networking Academy: Initiated, prepared required equipment, and supervised the first Cisco Academy in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia. This opened the door to students to attend Cisco Network courses and get certified, conducted CCNA discovery and CCNA exploration courses. Alamiah Institute for Education and Training, 2010

· Dynamic E-Course on Parallel Programming Using MPI and Parallel Hardware Architecture: Prepared as a graduation project. Supervised by Dr Ahmad Shadi Aljondi, Aleppo University, 2006

·   Development and Evaluation of an Advanced LED Warning System for Rural Intersections-Phase2: 24th Annual Transportation Research Conference, Saint Paul RiverCentre, MN, 2013
·   Optical Modulation Formats: Digital Communication course, UMD, 2013
·   Fiber Optic Communications: Modern Communication course, UMD, 2012
·   Power LED Management Techniques: Power Electronics course, UMD, 2012
·   O.S. Deadlocks: Definition & suggested solutions, Aleppo University, 2004

·   Bluetooth Transceiver: As a first step in robot controlling project, research supervised by Dr. A. Bader Aldeen Khoder, Aleppo University, 2004
·   Non-maintained Systems: Research about systems reliability and fault tolerance, supervised By Dr Muhammed sa’ed tokatly, Aleppo University, 2006

·    MCTS, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  –  Hail, Saudi Arabia (2008)
·    High Efficiency Selling Skills – D.E.I , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2008)

·   Member of UMD IEEE Student Branch
·   Volunteer Mentor for new graduate students in ECE program at UMD.
·   Math & computer science tutor for UMD International Student Services.

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